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Video Award

To provide a more visual approach to learning new and innovative techniques in the field of laparoscopic surgery,
we will be holding 2 Video Awards and 1 Video Session. Please submit a video before the deadline. The best video
will be awarded with prize money at the congress!
Category 1) KSELS Video Award 2) Mentor-Mentee Video Award 3) 2차 병원 비디오 세션
(Video Session for
Community Hospital Surgeons)
* 내국인/ for Korean
March 15 (Fri)
* Applicants are required to submit an abstract along with the video. Please send your abstract submissions through the "Online Submission System” and videos via the link below.
2019년 3/15(금)
All participants
  • -내국인 (for Korean)
  • -2차 병원 소속 선생님
Subject Bariatric & Metabolic, BP, Endocrine, Flexible Endoscopic, Flexible Endoscopic, Hernia, LGI, Liver, Notes, Pediatric, Retroperitoneal, UGI and etc. * 수술 중 심각한 나의 실수 비디오 모음

수술 중 문제가 되었거나 혹은 수술 후 합병증이 발생한 Case Video로 Problem 원인이 된 수술 중 장면을 동영상에 반드시 포함시켜 발표해야 하고 (7분 정도) 무엇이 문제였고, 피할 수 있는 팁 등을 청중들에게 퀴즈 형식으로 Discussion 하는 비디오 세션입니다.
Length 5 min. max 최대 7분
Submission Guidelines
Please upload your video via the link by March 15.
Video Submission Link >
Please complete the Declaration of Authenticity Form and upload it with your video via the link by March 15.
3/15(금)까지 비디오와 신청서를 링크에서 제출.
* Recommended title: Abstract No._Applicant's name, i.e. AF001_Gildong Hong * 파일명: 소속_제출자이름
Session Information Selected videos will be presented and the best video will be awarded with prize money at the congress! 심사 후 발표 일정이 개별 공지됩니다.
  • -Date/Time:
  • -Talk Time:
    10 min/ 5min/ 3min (Q&A included)
  • *The scientific committee will review abstracts along with the videos for final session assignment. Presenters will be notified of their presentation type by email.
  • -Date/Time:
    April 26(Fri), 09:00-10:30
  • -Talk Time:
    10 min (3mins for Mentor, 7mins for Mentee)
  • -세션 일정:
    4/27 (토), 13:50-15:20
  • -발표 시간:
    각 10분 (Q&A 포함)
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